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10 Best iPhone Arcade Games

credit: Mashable

In this fast-paced game, players control their jetpack-clad character through hazardous corridors full of lasers, electric fields and missiles. Along the way, earn coins and tokens toward cosmetic upgrades like new jetpacks, costumes, distance credits or revival ability. Luck is a big factor in this game, but it cuts both ways.

Price: $0.99

Players try to survive as long as possible across four game modes, using grappling hooks as transportation. The game modes, along with unlockable hats to customize your character, complement the simply fun swinging gameplay.

Price: $0.99

This endless runner game, initially popularized on Flash before being introduced on iOS, is well-known for its perfectly-tuned gameplay. Do you try to survive when the game accelerates to high speeds, increasing the possibility that an ill-placed window or a sudden obstacle dooms you to fail? Or, do you slow it down by cleverly utilizing the boxes in your path? The tradeoff requires more than reflexes, but strategic brainpower too.

Price: $2.99

While playing Tetris, have you ever imagined you were jumping over the blocks that constantly descended down, down, down? Well, that’s what this game is! Plus, enjoy a bonus mode that pays homage to handheld games of the past, and all the pixel art you can handle.

Price: $0.99

This is one of the most pleasant endless runner games around. The music and graphics create a happy and charming world. The game is easy to play: Just hold down on the screen to fly upward and loop-de-loop. Hitting bad cloud obstacles doesn’t mean game over, but it does reduce your score multiplier, so fly carefully and score as many points as possible!

Price: $0.99

Players try to survive while being bombarded by asteroids. A unique dual-swipe control system works great for trying to precisely navigate the asteroid menace. The game boasts a rocking chiptune soundtrack, unlocks rewards accumulated throughout the game, and takes total advantage of the high-resolution retina display and iPad screens.

Price: $0.99

Fans of GalagaSpace Invaders, and other retro shoot-em-ups will love this game too. Players flip between both sides of the battlefield in order to avoid damage, and to attack vulnerable enemies. Despite new elements and modern twists, the game still features old-school shooting fun.

Price: $0.99

Speed along neon-colored tracks in this endless racing game, while trying to unlock new cars and designs. All the tracks in the game are user-generated, so prepare for tracks with devilish twists and turns and amazing futuristic city scenery.

Price: FREE

This isn’t quite the Pac-Man you know and love. The basics are the same: Run around a maze and collect power pellets to eat ghosts. However, the maze constantly warps with each fruit that you eat, leaving players wildly attempting to survive!

Price: $4.99

Formerly entitled 1000 Heroz, this running game presents a new challenge each day: courses fraught with new perils and new leaderboards to conquer. Part of the fun is the ability to join custom leagues and compete with friends.

Price: $0.99

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