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Analysis of Social Gaming Consumers

Here’s research stats on consumers and social gaming now and into the future:

  • As of 2010, there are almost 600m social network gamers worldwide. This number will continue rising until 2015.
  • China made the greatest contribution to total player numbers in 2010, with 109m players – the US was second, with 95m. These numbers are set to rise to 273m and 150m respectively by 2015.
  • In the fast-growing markets of China, India and Russia, less than 10% of the total population currently plays online social games, whereas in the developed world the total ranges from 19% in Italy up to 41% in South Korea.
  • By the end of the forecast period, more than 50% of all people in Japan, South Korea and the UK will play social games.
  • Famously, social network gaming is majority-female – 56% of players worldwide are female, compared to 50% of the global population.
  • All the age groups between age 30 and 59 are over-represented in social gaming compared to the total global population, while younger and older groups are under-represented.
  • Children under 18 are less likely to engage in social gaming than they are in other computer gaming activities. More than 110m children play online social games.
  • In the narrow 18-21 age group, there are more than 30m people worldwide who can be targeted with specific tailored content.
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