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Infographic: Mobile Gaming By The Numbers

Want to view stats on mobile gaming from 2011? Geeka Phone’s infographic highlights our smartphone and tablet usage for gaming, on the iPhone, iPad and on Android devices.

Geeka Phone shares, “… the ease of publishing to the App Store, the extremely low cost to become a developer, the growth of Freemium games (games given away for free with revenues coming from alternative sources) and the rise of the female gamers (53% of mobile gamers are female) are rewriting the rules and making millionaires overnight.”

Mobile gaming stats from this infographic worth noting:

  • The mobile gaming industry is expected to hit $11 Million in 2014, up from $8 million this year
  • Male and Female mobile gamers are equally split, with a spike in female gaming among 35 to 44 year olds
  • 81% of all downloads are free, 51% of the top grossing games are free
  • In-Game purchases are expected to overtake pay per download games by 2013
  • The free version of Angry Birds makes an estimated $1 Million a month in ads
  • 84% of Tablet owners play games
  • 46% of BlackBerry owners have no games

Infographic Mobile Gaming Stats

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