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10 Best Racing Games for iPhone

Credit: Mashable

This isometric-perspective racer has players trying to win races, but also take opponents out in the meantime.

Players compete in various events, from standard races to knockout races, and ones where specific weapons must be used. The most recent update allows up to 6 players to race against each other online.

Players race against the clock in this game, increasing their combo meter to go faster, which makes it easier to crash, but speed must be maintained to keep the timer from running out.

All the tracks in the game are created by users, through the easy-to-use level creator.

Players racing around tracks in this kart racer as Sonic the Hedgehog and other famous Sega characters. The game lets players pick up weapons and other items to try and sabotage their opponents on the tracks, which are all inspired by various Sega games.

While the game does serve as a nostalgia trip for Sega fans, it’s a great example of arcade-style kart racing. Challenge a friend over Bluetooth or up to three friends online.

This game from Firemint is one of the best racing simulators and best-looking iOS games. Players are behind the wheel of several real vehicle brands to race against up to 15 other opponents across a variety of locales.

iPad 2 owners will enjoy the TV-output options for up to 1080p, so they can use their iPad as a remote control. Split-screen multiplayer is available with other remote control devices.

Players must reach the end of the courses in this unconventional racing game without running out of gas.The game’s tracks are composed of random segments, so players learn how to navigate and adapt to the course changes and various hazards.

There’s also an endless mode, so players can challenge for high scores on randomly-generated levels.

iPad owners can compete with a friend on the same device.

In this racing game, players control a getaway car, avoiding cops and recklessly taking out anyone who is in the way.

The goal is to weave skillfully through traffic while destroying other cars and collecting coins and powerups. Crashing will limit the maximum number of points that can be earned in a level.

For those not content with sports cars, a separate mode with a big rig is available, where the only goal is destruction.

This game has players racing through tricky levels filled with ramps, midair gates, and other perilous elements. Players must tilt their device to angle a jet car in mid-air, and deploy their limited turbo strategically to make it through the air and complete the levels as quickly as possible.

The ability to see friends’ times and view their replays adds lasting value to this game.

This might be an unorthodox choice for the list, since it more closely resembles a side-scrolling platformer. However, its time trial gameplay — with courses that require repetition and practice to properly master — makes it share plenty of elements with more traditional racing games.

The addictive hook here is that there’s a new level to race on every single day, with global leaderboards comparing single races and overall performance.

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Imagine if Flight Control was a racing game – that’s what this game is.

Players draw lines around race tracks, and the faster a line is drawn, the quicker the player goes. With turbo boosts to deploy, there’s no just sitting back and watching the cars race.

The game features asynchronous online multiplayer, where players race three other players, trying to beat them to increase their online rank.

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Remember racing games like Pole Position and Rad Racer? This game pays homage to the classics, with simple graphics and racing that feels like it came straight out of the 80’s.

Of course, with upgradeable cars, money earned through wins and an overall more forgiving attitude, this is one that even modern gamers will want to play.

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